To see where we are at any given moment ~ please click on the SPOT tracker below:


 This link, records our movements when we are in the MANKAT we have it on the cabin window and our progress over land is visible, and finally if we leave the camper to go trekking in the local area anywhere on our trip, we carry it with us so that our progress can be seen by all.

All that you have to do is ‘click’ on the above link, this will bring you to a web page via your internet browser and you can see exactly where we are. The standard view is a map view of the area that we are in, but you can switch over to the satellite view to see what the current landscape is like. If you switch say to ‘Satellite’ or ‘Hybrid’ or ‘Terrain’ you can see different details of the views. Even though you cannot join us in person, you can however if you wish ‘track’ our progress while we are on the high seas or on land thanks to the modern technology of a small but effective gadget called the SPOT (FindMeSpot GPS tracking unit)

If you do not wish to have to access this web link via this web site, you can cut and paste the link to it in your web browser and just access the web page directly.

WARNING: this tracker only displays up to a maximum of 6 days of tracking at any given time.  So, if the webpage appears blank, it just means that we have not moved about (or tracked our movements) in the past six days and not that the tracker is broken.

The ship that we plan to return to Europe in April/May 2015, the ‘Grande Nigeria’, its movements can be viewed by clicking the on link below:


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  1. Joan says:

    Thanks for putting spot back up. Can see you now…….

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